Think Sideways meets American Beauty meets The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

Whilst #clareplay is touring East Anglia another poetic play of a very different nature has gone into rehearsal in Exeter, at Theatre Alibi.

the rehearsal room I am of course referring to Windswept Productions The Incomers by Murray Lachlan Young. The show has been rehearsing for seven days now – and already with the cast off book its up and onto its feet! Anyone popping into the rehearsal room on Friday would have witnessed the very first stagger through of the piece!

Here’s Murray reading the opening lines:-

king of the castle 2 A huge amount has been completed in those initial few days – including developing an extraordinary opening sequence and the act 2 climax with the shows choreographer Gareth Taylor. The Incomers is surprising at every turn – one of the cast recently described it as ‘Think Sideways meets American Beauty meets The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover! With a touch of Abigails Party too ( for Generation X, Murray adds). Rehearsals have been pretty full on – driving one cast member Kirsty Osmon to tweet ‘If there’s any pubs open at 8:30am in Exeter, that’ll where you’ll find me… #DutchCourage needed today’ and Rory Wilton – who plays Gordon tweeted- ‘Realised that I don’t need a mid life crisis now as most of the classic male fantasies get fulfilled for my character in The Incomers! ‘

Here is Murray again reading what has become referred to in rehearsal as one of Gordon’s arias!

And whilst the cast are having a well deserved Easter break I’ll leave you with this – which may (or may not) be significant!

The Incomers opens on 18 April and tours through until 25 May – show website and tour information is here


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