Running Stag by Murray Lachlan Young (in development/on hold)

Running Stag image no textRunning Stag  is a new play written by the poet Murray Lachlan Young and directed by Paul Jepson.  the show is scheduled to premiere in April 2016, its initial tour running from April to June.

Running parallel to the ‘stage play’ Windswept have commissioned Jason Warren to create an online parallel play, which will ‘go live’ at the same time as the stage play.  Find out more about the digital play here. Sign up for the digital play here.


The play was first developed in workshops at the Bike Shed Theatre and at South Hill Park where this live stream was recorded (starts 4.5 minutes in).

The Sizzle

_DSC8495 web

Mark Holgate and Zara Tempest Waters during the research and development process in Exeter. For more images see the company Flickr stream.The sizzle – what its about

‘Performance meets the Wicker Man with a touch of Entertaining Mr. Sloane’

 Convict Lenny McAlister has found his way onto the wooded parkland of Brackwell, a country estate bathed in fading grandeur.

On the run from the police and desperate, he can’t believe his luck when he’s mistaken for the spiritual guru and shaman, Running Stag.  But Brackwell is not all it seems, and Lenny finds himself sucked into the world of a bizarre family and onto a mind bending spiritual journey of self-discovery, love, sacrifice and oak leaf tea.  Everything must end in the final ceremony of the Stag Moon where stunning revelations present much more than either Lenny or even the Brackwell family could have possibly imagined.

From the team behind The Incomers Running Stag is a funny, dark, powerful story about love, family & spirituality from the pen of poet, writer and broadcaster Murray Lachlan Young.

Production Details

Touring                 April – June 2016

Touring to             Theatres, arts centres

On the road           4 actors plus 1 dedicated stage manager

For further details  please contact Matthew Linley on / 079897 48350


Flickr images from the rehearsal and development process

Running Stag Venue Information Pack PDF

The original research and development work on Running Stag was commissioned by Bike Shed Theatre, Bridport Arts Centre, Dorchester Arts, Exeter Phoenix, North Devon Theatres and South Hill Park.  The digital play was part funded by Theatre in the Cloud (a project of Future Dream) and the whole r and d process has been supported by a Grants for the Arts award from Arts Council England, through the National Lottery.


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