Digital Musings – the best (sic) of my writings about digital

Ever since being Director of Leicester Phoenix I’ve been interested, in fact fascinated by the way that digital technologies can be used (disruptively and playfully) both as a tool in alternative performance and as a way of reaching a far wider audience.  Not surprisingly therefore I’ve written quite a lot about this subject on my blog.

digital plan

Here are some of my favorites!

Jeckyll and Hyde – a blog about the impact of digital screenings, and how the market is currently dominated by the ‘big players’ and what could be done about it. This blog was reposted by Arts Professional under a slightly misleading headline

Heres a very early blog – which is about cricket and digital – but might explain why I think about it a lot – and introduces the idea that a digital experience is different, but equally valid, as well as what we can learn from sport.

Notes from the UPSTREAM LAB held at South Hill Park, which included a couple of interesting diagrams….why digitalDigital is a different but equal experience (oh I’m on that theme again) and Online Audiences (and why they need care, and are different).  A slightly refined version of this blog appeared on the House website

Two windswept related blogs.  Our live stream from the rehearsal room is here, and here is my joint blog (with Jason Warren) about developing a digital play.

Technolgy Based Innovation was a panel I chaired at the Music Industry Festival #Great Escape.  The blog includes audio recordings from the panel which featured Mary keane Dawson, Kris Baird and Sarah Thirtle.

Originally written for the hub In Search of Maverick New Models for (creative) business is a blog about how digital is affecting creative industry business models.  Also on the theme of digital business models is this earlier blog (to find or not to find a new business model) where I argue every digital plan should think about marketing, adding value, providing engagement and encouraging participation (see pic above).

Useful for its links and ideas Ideas Lab 2 blog is about digital and place

Clay pots, steam boats and a digtial future is some musings from a Shift Happens conference, and musings around is digital right for every organisation.

This digital play blog (though now quite old) reflects a lot of what I still think about the digital world – though I’m sad to say the Guardian Guide still doesn’t list ‘streamed events’.



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