The buzz on Parkway Dreams

1970s people with pram PDC FYO Parkway Dreams is the second Eastern Angles show to tour in Spring 2013.   Last chance to see the show TODAY – with a matinee and evening performance at the SJM information online here.


Bretton Centre pic FYO PDC

The East Anglian Daily Times said ”The spectacular and wonderful performance itself – Parkway Dreams, a musical documentary formed from the words of the people who designed it, built it, and lived it….This was a brilliant, wonderful, touching, show, superbly written by TV scriptwriter Kenneth Emson.’

Reviews  Gate gave the thumbs up…’It’s audience-friendly and acted with skill and warmth in Ivan Cutting’s production, where actors weave between pivoting table tops that become a projection-screen, car or drawing-board, while designer Charlie Cridlan creates an apt environment with architects’ plans and a roadway forming the stage environment.’

Heres the trailer for the show …

A good time was definitely had by Whats On Stage …’Director Ivan Cutting, his designer Charlie Cridlan and composer-lyricist Simon Egerton have combined to keep the action fast-moving. The theme song “The Peterborough effect” is a catchy number and the sequence of television games-shows makes a useful reference point for the passage of time. The six actors, including accomplished musicians Barnaby Southgate and Harry Waller, all play many parts and do it extremely well.’

Yay!  A 4 star review from Public Reviews …’Another look at the recent history of Peterborough from Eastern Angles, part of the Forty Years On project.…..The text is largely verbatim, taken from hours of interviews; the risk of lecture-room ennui is averted by clever use of popular television culture – Crackerjack, Take Your Pick, The Clangers – and by Simon Egerton’s songs, which often have a satirical edge of their own. ****’

And here is director Ivan Cutting and actor Rob Jackson talking about the show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire:-

Here is some of the feedback from the Peterborough shows (along with the music of Simon Egerton

InSuffolk found the show at Halesworth thought provoking …’Something very special, very original and ultimately very moving indeed…. The first half of Parkway Dreams is perhaps better entertainment but it’s the second half which moves you and will stay with you longest. Who’d have thought it? Peterborough affects, and how.’

And personal blogs are giving us a lift, such as this mention from Colin Blumenau …’There are some lovely songs that enrich the piece. Egerton’s touch is assured with a real mastery of musical style and genre being very much in evidence. His New Town Blues is an especial triumph. The performances, the design and the direction are clear, giving pride of place to the inspiration for the whole endeavour.’

Lots of social media mentions too are spreading the word:

@VickyDonghue My highlight of #HFT13 so far #parkwaydreams by @easternangles beautifully written by @Kennethemson joyful, laugh out loud and very moving!

@CettiLong Bitten by the Peterborough bug tonight, #ParkwayDreams amazing show, so many school day memories & educational too – thanks @easternangles

@TobyWoody #Parkwaydreams Lovin’ it so far – 2nd half comin’ up – many memories of exciting times of expansion – was it 40 years ago? @easternangles

@oohlivvyarr Parkway Dreams was fantastic! Big well done to @FortyYearsOn and @easternangles.

@121productions @easternangles wow #parkwaydreams what a stunning and poignant performance of #Peterborough #40yearson fantastic, well done

‘Seen Parkway Dreams twice now, at Brentwood (Crackerjack!), and Colchester. Love the show, the music, the acting, the staging, the writing. Sheer genius, well done to all and especially to the brilliant and multi-talented cast.’  David Pitchford via Facebook


Theres also been a couple of excellent preview pieces in the local press. First up was this piece in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph…’Peterborough may never again host a piece of work so relevant to so many of its citizens as Parkway Dreams’ writes John Baker.

That was followed by this piece in the moment magazine which is an interview with director Ivan Cutting.


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