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After sell out runs in LIVERPOOL, LONDON, EDINBURGH and now STOCKHOLM Nina a story about me and Nina Simone returns to GB for a UK tour (touring details here) or at the Nina mini site here!

This blog is a summary of the reviews and critical writing about the piece so far….

Two great reads about Nina a story about me and Nina Simone are this profile piece in The Observer (Nina is my GPS), or this fantastic piece in Exeunt Magazine from Maddy Costa or this incisive review by Matt Trueman for Whats on Stage

Here are all the press quotes on the show

‘Josette Bushell-Mingo brilliantly channels both Nina Simone’s musicianship and anger at racism’
Joyce McMillan – The Scotsman

‘With a performance like Bushell-Mingo’s, you really feel you are lucky to be in the room.’
Emily Jane Kerr –

‘This spectacular piece of theatre offers an unflinching look at the post-civil rights movement world’
Jafar Iqbal – Critically Speaking

‘Josette Bushell-Mingo blows the roof off with this searing look at the life of Nina Simone’
Caroline McGinn – Time Out London

“Searing tribute restarts Simone’s revolution”
Lyn Gardner – The Guardian

‘Bushell-Mingo inhabits instinctively the union of joy and protest in Simone’s sound’
Kate Maltby – The Times

‘Josette Bushell-Mingo’s searing one-woman show pushes the boundaries of theatre’
Neil Norman – The Stage

‘Nina’s a protest as much as a performance.’
Matt Trueman – WhatsOnStage

‘Bushell-Mingo delivers an enthralling performance’
Nathaniel McKenzie – CultureWhisper

Fest Mag

“Quite simply, outstanding theatre”
Chris High – Purple Revolver

“The National Touring Theatre of Sweden and Liverpool’s Unity Theatre may just have produced one of this decade’s most important pieces of Theatre.”

“Bushell-Mingo is remarkable”
Janie Phillips – Liverpool Arts Scene

“This story is an earthquake waiting to strike”
Ian D Hall – Liverpool Sound & Vision

“You need to hear this, you need to hang on every word and every note that emanates from Bushell-Mingo’s mouth. Undoubtedly the best performance I have watched all year”
Shazney Spence

“The theatre space feel(s) at once intimate and as huge as an arena”
Nigel Smith – Good News Liverpool
“A thrilling, sometimes spine-tingling experience… catch it while you can.”
Martin Thomasson – British Theatre Guide

“Nina – a story about me and Nina Simone is important. It is theatre that really, truly matters…a very special show indeed”
Vicky Anderson – Made Up Liverpool

If you’re looking for outstanding music, spectacular performance and self-reflection that’ll keep you up for days, then Nina – a story about me and Nina Simone is what you’re looking for.
Nikie Azili – LS Radio

General Articles and Press
Exeunt Magazine (excellent article and review)

Mark Shenton’s Top 10 Picks of Edinburgh – The Stage

The Fountain

Nina is my GPS – Observer profile piece

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