Several very exciting things are about to happen

Isn’t there a line about buses….you know the one….about how you wait for ages and then three come along at once.

Well, it’s certainly true the buses are lining up at the Unity bus stop right now!

So at 6pm today (Wednesday 7th June 2017) we throw open our doors to the public for the first time since we closed for the Build Unity Better project on January 7th. Our formal opening will be in September but first out of the blocks during our soft opening is the Hope Prize winning play Omnibus by the eferversent Katie Mulgrew.  There’s more about the show which we’ve been working on with our friends and colleagues at the Royal Cout lower down.  Let’s just say for now  the show is directed by Unity favourite Bob Farquar (Big Wow) and features regular Unity artist Alice Bunker Whitney so you can expect lots of laughs!

Earlier in the day – at 10am – tickets go on sale for Nina a story about me and Nina  Simone at The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, the go to venue of the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s a privilege to be taking this extraordinary and very special show to the festival, and in particular to be taking it to the Traverse. If the Young Vic run is anything to go by the 8 performances will sell out quickly so do book here if you’d like to see the show (or see it again!)

And whilst all that is going on we’ve got three really exciting projects in various rehearsal spaces (including the street!) which are all coming to fruition for Good Morning Good Morning. Playwrights Luke Barnes and Stuart Crowther will be sharing new work for the very first time at LIPA, whilst Coney have been in Liverpool all week gathering material for We the People of  Liverpool which is taking place at Ye Crack at the ungodly hour of 0815 the day after the election. Which idiot programmed that…er….yes that will be me ..anyhow I’ve written about all three here…

And as promised here’s some more words about Omnibus – you can book tickets here…..

Omnibus, the winner of the inaugural Liverpool hope playwriting prize, is the first work back at Liverpool’s refurbished Unity Theatre, following an £800k+ redevelopment.

Opening on 8 June the play runs until 17 June. Written by Katie Mulgrew, Omnibus is a fast moving farce that starts with the house mates lounging in front of the television on a Sunday afternoon. Their plans for a lazy day are put on hold when a surprise guest bursts in with a gun and a bag full of money.

The production of Omnibus by Liverpool’s royal court in association with unity theatre is an exciting collaboration between the two venues. Both want this to be the start of a fruitful partnership that will further the Liverpool Theatre offer while entertaining and engaging audiences for many years to come.

The full cast for the show is:- Gemma Banks, Eithne Browne, Danny Burns, Eva McKenna, Joel Parry



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