Good Morning Good Morning – out and about from Unity

Good-Morning-Smaller-625x442So as the Pepper celebrations continue, here’s some more information about the Unity programme for Good Morning Good Morning on June 9 (for more details of the full programme – when the cultural life of the city is turned on its head and starts at 8am see here ).

Our full line up is
WE THE PEOPLE (OF LIVERPOOL) , at Ye Crack, 8.15am
LONELY HEARTS CLUB by Luke Barnes (play reading) – at 10am, LIPA Canteen
SOUR CHERRIES by Stuart Crowther (play reading) – at 12 noon, LIPA Canteen

WE THE PEOPLE (OF LIVERPOOL) – , at Ye Crack, 8.15am
The day after the last general election we hosted a performance by Coney – Early Days of a Better Nation. Now Tassos and the Coney team are back – this time with We The People (of Liverpool) a gameshow about the times we’re living in and the habits we need to cultivate to make a better difference. It’s a quiz about the community, with questions set by the people of Liverpool and prizes to be won.

You can read more about it here on the Coney web site

are you curious

PS Have you spotted one of these about town – go on, dare you, text the number




DARIELLA TINSELTOWN’S VARIETY CLUB by Luke Barnes (play reading) – at 10am, LIPA Canteen

josh finan adam mccoy Luke Barnes tony l

(Josh Finan, Adam McCoy, Luke Barnes (in Games of Thrones mode) and Tony Lidington)

Then at 10am – in the canteen at LIPA (just a short walk from Ye Cracke) join us for a sneak preview of a brand new play by Luke Barnes, Dariella Tinseltown’s Variety Show (formally Lonely Hearts Club)

Two boys growing up in Southport fall in and out of love – a love story told through a variety show. Quirky, charming and quietly unique. Originally written whilst on attachment to Soho Theatre the reading is directed by Tony Lidington. The cast includes Josh Finan and Adam McCoy. Tickets £3

Luke talks about the inspiration behind Dariella as wanting to write a piece for his friends who hate theatre, creating a good night out…(or in this case morning)..its definitely not (he says) Chekhov!

SOUR CHERRIES by Stuart Crowther (play reading) – at 12 noon, LIPA Canteen

So cheekily we thought we might pair Dariella Tinseltown’s Variety Show with something which has more than its fair share of the afore mentioned Chekhov!!

Vishnya mertva. Da zdravstvuyet marinad*
*The cherry is dead. Long live the pickle.

Smashed avocado, matcha latte and chia seed smoothies.

A family run café fights the rising tides of change – but are bacon baps, sullen service and cash-only payments really worth preserving? After nearly a hundred years in business, is Cherry’s the last bastion of a dwindling way of life, or a relic to be consigned to the past?

With Harvey Robinson, Gordon Meredith, Leon Tagoe, Kate Sharp, Anna Griffiths, Stuart Crowther, Emma Bird and Fia Harrington. Directed by Kayleigh Hawkins

Both Sour Cherries and Dariella Tinseltown’s Variety Club have benefited from development time in Unity’s Play Space – a creative playspace which was used by over 15 different companies, and 80 artists between January and April as part of our Out of Space programme.
Our Good Morning, Good Morning programme has been generously supported by Liverpool City Council. The playspace was generously provided by Liverpool 1.


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