The Aleph venture into the Dark Dark Wood

So this Christmas we’re doing something a little bit different… Inspired by our Christmas show Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf we’re turning Unity 2 into the Dark Dark Wood (designed by Katie Scott in collaboration with our brilliant Splatterdays artists).

And thanks to funding from PRS for Music Foundation we’ve invited four maverick musicians to come down to the wood and play.

First up on Friday Dec 9th are the Aleph (featuring Jon Hering (who first popped up on this blog here ) and Benjamin Fairfield, who are of course two thirds of Ex Easter Island Head.  

Read the get into this preview of the show here.

Listen to Pantomime by The Aleph #np on #SoundCloud

 Aleph will be performing their live soundtrack to the short film The Good Eater (Craig Sinclair ) as well as performing the Dark Dark Wood described as the musical results of…

Creative explorations in Cumbria’s Wray Castle and it’s surrounding woodland…an array of vocal music, choral arrangements, fugues, recordings of recordings….

Look out too for  a sample of the unique Aleph sound in Kinicho’s 360 degree sound system which will be installed in Unity Lounge throughout the Dark Dark Wood. And for now here’s amother quick taster of that Aleph sound

Listen to Swinging Mary by The Aleph #np on #SoundCloud

Tickets for this very one off gig by The Aleph on December 9th  (£5) are available here

Other gigs in the PRS for Music Foundation series 

Jason Singh (blog here) Tues 13 December

Patrick Dineen (blog to follow) Thurs 15 December

Other events in the Dark Dark Wood

Splatts in the Dark Dark Wood (for under 12s)..check link for dates and times. 

Unity Youth Theatre on 17 December 


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