Day one at hackstage

So it’s the first day of Unity/the hub hack.  Yeah a theatre –where we do plays and stuff – hosting a hack.  You might be justified in asking why Unity are getting involved in a ‘hack’ which brings together technicians, creatives
and technologists.

And who the hell are those ladies in lab coats?

We talk about ourselves here at Unity as radical, edgy, and alternative.  So it feels perfectly natural to be pushing at the boundaries between live and digital (which I often refer to as The Space In between).  And that word play is important too.  30 diverse individuals – all with different
skills and backgrounds –are coming together to play in the space between theatre and digital. And I think that’s a real privilege.

Already through the pre event discussions (neatly summarised here) and the props exercise (where each participant brought something which represented why they were at the hack ) some common themes were beginning to emerge….



New ways for audience to participate  / How technology can enable participation

Technology as a mask – an enabler

Transmedia story telling

Technology embedded in sets and costume

360 degree experiences – what audiences sense, smell, see, hear, touch as well as the traditional digital interpretations of VR

Day 2 sees some more ‘input’ (a combination of tours of Draw and Code and provocations from Wired/Space fellow Annette Mees and Royal Shakespeare Company Head of Digital, Sarah Ellis) and then we’re let loose in groups to start developing
proto-types.  And as Nina Hajiyianni’s prop reminded us we’re starting from a blank piece of paper – where anything is possible!

What do I hope we collectively achieve?

I hope that we will come up with some ideas that you’ll see on this stage or in Unity projects in the future

I hope too that we will come up with some ideas that others will pick up and explore and develop

And I hope too that in failing – or coming up with thoughts and ideas that don’t quite work – we find out loads.  Whats that Thomas Eddison quote? ‘ Ive learnt so much from my mistakes im going to make a whole bunch more’

Follow the hack on #hackstageliv or at the mini site



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