Pentecost Pageant – four days to go

It’s all about the detail today. The morning starts with the Music Team at the Metropolitan Cathedral. After a brief walk through the almost other worldly ‘back stage’ (or should that be ‘back Cathedral’) we appear on the steps where the Pageant will conclude on Sunday. There’s much good humour as we juggle in the drizzle timpani, keys, brass and choirs. We also plot the world’s quickest sound check….which will be brought to a finish by the Cathedral bells at 1030.

Lucy at docks.jpg

Then it’s a quick dash round the corner to Victoria Halls to check in regarding our second stage – named after the austere looking Victorian whose statue looks out onto Hope Street – Hugh Stowell Brown.  We will be the first users (in this way) of the new public square which has been created by the recent student development .  The line up in this quieter more reflective space is rather lovely – combining the joy of Hope Street Harmonies, with ace story teller Lucy Fiori, the anarchic Impropreity and  all female drummers La Bomba (that will wake the students up!).  For full line up details see here.


The afternoon sees me down at the Cunard building for an all agency briefing.  I find myself next to the police – not sure if this is a good or bad thing!  I’ve been learning lots of new vocabulary on this project ‘soft road closure’, ‘sterile areas’, ‘escalating’ are just a few – but at this meeting I introduced my own – ‘naked microphones’.  Make of that what you will!

Then its back to the office to catch up with the team on ‘everything else’.  Last minute artist instructions are going out, water is being ordered, so too the all important cable ties and a large red drape arrives.  There’s hardly time to breathe – and then the photocopier dies mid way through printing the event manual.  Hopefully not an omen!

After a brief baby sitting respite I’m back at the desk doing what feels like putting together an incredibly complex jigsaw.  Writing this blog is classic avoidance technique – better get back to it!

PS – word of advice – never employ me as a proof reader…..(I knew that already to be honest, but today proved it!)

PPS – word of advice 2 – someone always knows someone – we made very good use of our technical managers contact from 2 years ago today!

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