Pentecost Pageant – 5 days to go

So last night’s dreams were mainly of scissor lifts and stage positions….

But at least I had my wallet with me for most of the day …( see 6 days to go for that story)

It’s five days before the Pentecost Pageant which is naturally the perfect day to induct a new member of staff..not..but then I’ve never been known for doing things by the management handbook.

Meanwhile back on Hope Street the clouds open and down comes the rain.  Utterly oblivious, and having been knee deep in the mire of endless e mails, I dash out to a series of not one but three outdoor meetings in my shades with my computer and papers tucked under my arm.

My coat is nowhere to be seen….

The shades quickly came off and the computer and papers got drenched .  But I’d rather have it rain now than on Sunday (frantically checks the weather forecast – still good).  We confirm the fencing will arrive at 0630, the staging at 0730, and that the set up will begin at 0400.  I’m left considering when I might arrive on site….

evidence of the arrival of the bbc

Meanwhile…slightly blurry evidence of the arrival of the BBC

Not for the first time I’m reminded of how many extraordinary, committed people are working on this project…

All of which doesn’t stop me standing in the middle of the Metropolitan Cathedral steps gesticulating widely looking like a prize plonker whilst my colleagues shelter under the café over hang. Does rather make you ask the classic question of a toddler – why/ why/why?.

(Earlier in the day I’d fulfilled my own dream..telling colleagues the story of my initial reaction to a certain e mail…which included a choice few words….all of which I repeated in the café at the Liverpool Cathedral… no wonder they ushered us out so promptly when 5pm came)

Anyway back to the why, why, why bit!

walk through inthe rain

Our second walk through with our brilliant creatives answers (for me) that question fairly and squarly.  The rain couldn’t hide this palpable energy, a sense of being part of something different, something special.  The extraordinary brilliance and utter madness of it all. The fun, the laughs, the questions that it asks. That sense that it could only happen here.  The enthusiasm, energy and creativity.  The unity. The sense of celebration.

Pentecost Pageant – five days to go.

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