Pentecost Pageant – A Celebration of Hope -the line ups


PentecostPerformers_social3(Artists and groups are being added all the time, check back for the latest info)

Please note Salvation Army Band Performance at The Suitcases is at 1430 and they will not be performing at the Cathedral Piazza.

Falkner Street Stage
20160513_18592512 to 5pm, times in brackets provisional stage times

Empire Youth Theatre (12.00)
Matria Motherland (12.45)
Sefton Youth Jazz Orchestra (1345)
Merseyside Welsh Choral (1420)

What We Did Next (15.50)

Perri and Neil (16:30)

Hugh Stowell Brown Stage

(behind Costa and the Refinery)

20160513_185915Hope Street Harmonies (12:10 )

Abigail Birch ( 12:35)

Impropriety ( 12:55)

La Pettit Ullaloom / Lucy Fiori (story telling) (13:20 )

La Bomba (13:45 )

Impropreity (14:05)

Hands and Voices Choir (14:40)

Marco Rico (16:25 )

Taking Part in the Pageant
(Starting at the Anglican Cathedral at 3pm)



Danielle Thomas

Empire Youth Theatre

Flame Radio
Fool Size Theatre’s Flock

In Another Place’s Giant Beatles
Guardian Angels
Hands and Voices


La Bomba

Lantern Company Puppets
Merseyside Dance Initiative (MDI) Big Dance

More Than Minutes or more here too
Liverpool Welsh Choral

Teatro Pomodoro
Wirral Samba Band
Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP)

Walkabout Acts
(Across Hope Street 12 till 3pm)

splatts board

Artemis  Fahrenheit
In Another Place’s Giant Beatles
Fool Size Theatre’s Flock
Guardian Angels
Teatro Pomodoro

The American Tourists


Splatts at Unity Theatre (face painting and activities for U12’s)


The Pentecost Pageant is financially supported by Liverpool City Council and Unity Theatre
, with the assistance of Hope Street CIC, Churches Together on Merseyside and all the artists, organisations, and businesses taking part.

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