What’s there to laugh about – well lots clearly!



I’m delighted, honoured (and a little bit scared) to be chairing this (for the awesome Physical Fest) on the 25th May:-



 It’s going to be a lively daylong symposium looking at how humour is currently used in performance making, presenting and programming.

We’ll be exploring and discussing a range of subjects and questions, including: the use of comedy in programming, training and education; what are the boundaries of comedy in art and how are they being pushed?; what is the value and use of comedy in creating theatre or art?; and what are the methods, styles and influences in the creation of comedic work?

The Physical Fest team have really excelled themselves in putting together a crack team of artists, comics and industry professionals to challenge, inspire and provoke.

I’m really thrilled that the key speaker is John Wright, founder member of two acclaimed theatre companies Trestle and Told by an Idiot. who I feel as if I have grown up around.  Today John is of course also an internationally renowned teacher, director and author of acclaimed book Why is that so funny?

The Line up also includes:-

Sam Avery (Artistic Director of The Comedy Trust)

Hilary Chaplain (USA physical comedienne)

Robin Graham (founder of Feelgood Communities CIC and He is co-founder of the Laughter Network)

Sean Kempton (Cirque Du Soleil)

Kerry Leigh (professional comedian, MC and compere)

Hazel O’Keefe (founder of Dulcet SoundsLaughing Cows ComedyComix Live, and The Women in Comedy Festival)

The whole event is aimed at artists, programmers, academics, comics, and anyone interested in the art of laughter.

You can find out more about the event here: www.thebluecoat.org.uk/events/view/events/3385   

And don’t forget Physical Fest (Liverpool’s international festival of physical theatre), , runs from Friday 20th – Saturday 28th May 2016.  The programme includes some great events over at the Unity – including the tour de force which is Nautilus (previous show video below),

Theatre Re’s Blind Man’s Song

and the brilliant Wendy Houston’s Stupid Women.  For more go straight to the Unity web site here.  And if that isn’t enough those wonderful clowns SpyMonkey are staging every one of Shakespeare’s deaths over at the Everyman (the Complete Deaths).

And that is just a fraction of the full Physical Fest programme – see here for the full Box of Delights







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