The buzz on the Broke n Beat Collective

Last chance to see in Liverpool (for now?) TONIGHT before heading off on National Tour (dates here on the 20StoriesHigh www). I’ve updated the buzz blog with a new review, trailer and latest tweets:-

After quite literally making the Unity Theatre hum for the last three weeks, the exuberant 20 Stories High and Theatre Rites have opened their new show The Broke n Beat Collective with us.  The show is here at Unity (grab tickets here) until Saturday 13th February prior to a national tour.


The press reviews have been unanimously and brilliantly positive for this extraordinary show.

This is arguably the most innovative piece of theatre to hit Liverpool since The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime stopped off at the Empire last year.

Screamed the Liverpool Echo, giving the show *****.

Alan Harbottle for North West End said

This is theatre at its best, it was raw, it was thought-provoking and it had a message that needs to be heard. It continues at the Unity Theatre until the 13th February before touring across the UK.

Liverpool Sound and Vision is equally exuberant about the show

The Broke ‘N’ Beat Collective will touch the hearts of all that will go and see it with its beautiful storytelling told with passion and energy.And here’s a sample of whats been said so far on twitter.

Liverpool Good News agreed

What Saha and Buckmaster achieve in spades here is a perfect balance between emotional tension and engaging humour, and the entire piece is delivered with such energy that it can’t fail to keep its audience engaged. Rarely will you find such weighty issues leaving you with quite such a sense of exhilaration.

And the audience buzz has been equally as positive – here is just a sample of the twitter ‘buzz’ on the show:-













The Broke ‘N’ Beat Collective – National Tour! from 20 Stories High on Vimeo.



Press Previews

Want to know more? You can watch a ‘making of’ video on this Liverpool Echo story

And there was a great preview for the show in The Guardian Guide on Sat 6th Feb (alongside Mrs Henderson presents and Dr Faustus)

The brilliant Liverpool company 20 Stories High, which makes work with young adults, joins forces with puppeteer Sue Buckmaster of Theatre-Rites, better known for making work for the very young. The show takes the form of a live gig and combines beatboxing, hip-hop, poetry and puppetry to explore the pressures faced by teenagers today. [Guardian Guide]

broke n beat 2 jpegFinding the Relationship between Hip Hop and Puppetry is a fascinating interview piece with show co-director Keith Saha, from A Younger Theatre.  And there is another interview / feature with Keith here in Northern Soul.

The production promises to be an effervescent concoction, a frothing theatrical potion mixed from music, puppetry, storytelling and dance… we started with a question. What’s good and what’s hard about being a young person in Liverpool? We also did a similar workshop with some young people in London [Northern Soul]

“the concept is it’s a hip hop gig, we’ve got four artists, a poet/singer-songwriter, a beat boxer, a puppeteer and a break dancer, all specialists in their own fields. The experience will be like you’re going to a gig and you’re seeing this amazing band and making great hip-hop music and then objects starts to get manipulated. The stories that are told through the songs, they start to tell themselves through puppetry, the characters in the songs start to come to life on stage in surprising ways”.[A Younger Theatre]

Ad finally (for now) there is a show preview up on Made Up Liverpool.

Just a reminder – the show runs at the Unity until 13 Feb (tickets here), prior to as national tour.


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