Less a factory, more a cottage industry – Unity hums with the sound of making

For the last couple of weeks Unity Theatre has been humming with the sound of beat boxing, rapping, poetry and spoken word. And as of tonight (Thursday 4th Feb) the show , 20 Stories High and Theatre Rites have been making Broke n Beat collective, has been unleashed upon the world…if you’ve ever wondered what a gig which mashes up theatre, puppetry and hip hop would look like then you MUST see this show!


But 20 Stories High and Theatre Rites have not been the only companies making full use of Unity’s studio spaces to develop new work this spring. At the beginning of this year Bolton born Hetain Patel joined us for three days R&D on American Boy – The Sequel, a show where Hetain is currently imagining a world in which Barack Obama’s post presidential job is that of the new head of Apple Computers! That show will be first seen at Saddlers Wells in London, before (hopefully) visiting Liverpool as part of LEAP.
Here’s Hetain’s TED talk from 2013:

Also in January we played host to Tmesis as they researched and developed their new piece #Happiness (ahead of its premiere at Unity in October).

And the making doesn’t stop there. Travelled Companions have been in our spaces R&D ing their new show (about going to bed) and together with our partners at the Royal Court Theatre , Liverpool this week has also seen us workshoping the Hope Prize winning play Omnibus by Katie Mulgrew with Big Wow favourite Bob Farquhar at the helm.

bb image

Then in half term we welcome back Up The Road Theatre and the Bardolph’s Box company, taking up the space 20 Stories High vacate, as they work towards their premiere (and subsequent tour) on March 1st.

There’s also residencies looming large for puppetry maestro’s Headstrung who will be road testing their new show The Petting Zoo and Alice Bunker-Whitney who will be exploring our relationship with our own bodies through comedy, clowning, animation ..and of course…food! Playwright and musician Lizzie Nunnery is creating a new work for us (with Phrased & Confused) for the Liverpool Acoustic Festival inspired by Adrian Henri, whilst Teatro Pomodoro will be using our spaces to develop their new show Resurrection Half Price.

tp image
No wonder the building is humming. Not so much a factory, more a cottage industry. And its Unity doing what it does best – throwing open its doors to create, to make, to dream.


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