A charming mermaid who happens to tap

Edinburgh Diaries – 7th August

I’ve always been a succour for a mermaid story, every since I first came across the legend of the Mermaid at Zenor . Not surprisingly the sea in Tessa Bide’s The Tap Dancing Mermaid plays a major role – the sea, and its partner in tide the moon (played here by a standard lamp). It’s to the sea where our hero heads at night to tap away the hours, and it’s the sea (via a manmaid) who saves her from the peril that is her evil aunt (brilliantly realised as a table lamp). The Tap Dancing Mermaid is magical, captivating and enchanting; its impossible to sit through without a great big grin on your face. The real beauty of this show (for me) is the way it blends a diy ethic with much more sophisticated puppetry (and visuals) to create a world which feels both familiar and magical, a world which for its target audience leaves them thinking ‘I want to do that’…and I hope many of them do.

For tickets see here

Dream your dreams my pup
Smile your smile my love
Live your life my child
Knowing you’re close to me
(from The Tap Dancing Mermaid)

For more about Tessa Bide see here


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