Arts Council surgeries at the Unity 21 May

I’m delighted to say that Unity Theatre will be hosting a day of Arts Council 1 to 1 advice session on 21 May for artists/organisations that are considering applying for Arts Council’s open application funding stream Grants for the arts.

Representing the Arts Council will be Leroy Philbrook (Relationship Manager Theatre) and David Gaffney (Relationship Manager Combined Arts). These sessions are aimed at artists /organisations that have their project ideas fairly well developed as attendees should be prepared to fully discuss their project including:

· Partnerships developed

· Planning and any actions to date

· Notional budget (amount requested from ACE and Match funding)

· Evidence of Artistic Quality (including Track Record of key artists)

To benefit the most out of this session, it is helpful if you are very familiar with the Grants for the arts guidance. This will make sure our conversation can be focused but also will give you the opportunity to ask specific questions about the guidance if you feel anything is unclear.

These session are open to all interested parties but are best suited for those planning theatre or combined arts projects; when booking please indicate your project art form. These 45 minute sessions can be booked by emailing places are limited so please get in touch as soon as you can as we are expecting high demand. In booking request email please explain if you have any access needs so that Arts Council can make any special arrangements as needed.


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