Does political theatre change anything at all? A U Decide debate 29 April

So does political theatre make a difference at all?  Does it actually change or influence anything at all?

As part of the Unity’s political theatre season U Decide programme we are hosting a panel discussion to debate that very question.  The debate is being recorded for broadcast on Liverpool Live TV. The U decide programme runs from Sat 2 May through to Sat 9 May. Free tickets for the event are available here.

political blog 2Joining us to discuss the question are Olivier nominated actress and Unity patron Josette Bushell Mingo.  Josette is in Liverpool researching and developing a new piece about Nina Simone, an artist for whom politics and political change were key drivers.  political blog 1niamh-mccarthyWe’re also being joined by 18 year old Niamh McCarthy – prospective parliamentary candidate for Wavertree – a journey which started from being part of the Liverpool Everyman Youth Theatre show Until they kick us Out. Finally Matthew Elliott, from Collective Encounters, a director and theatre maker who has worked nationally and internationally with young people in a wide range of contexts including education settings, the criminal justice system and services for refugee’s and asylum seekers.

Our fourth guest has just been confirmed. Joining Josette, Niamh and Matthew is comedian and former chair of Liverpool’s DaDaFest Laurence Clark. Laurence is an internationally-acclaimed comedian, presenter, writer and actor who has cerebral palsy. His observational, political stand-up and hidden camera footage demonstrate the endearing naivety and ridiculousness of human behaviour by seeing the world through his eyes with humour and warmth. He’s performed everywhere from the House of Commons to a double-decker bus in Sheffield. His 6 critically-acclaimed solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe have gained him 21 4-star and 3 5-star reviews.

The debate takes place on Wednesday 29 April at 6pm.  Entrance is free and tickets for the event are available here.
It will be broadcast on Liverpool Live TV from Thursday 30 April.


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