Reliving Liverpool Acoustic Festival thanks to LLTV

Thanks to the team at Liverpool Live you can relive some of the acts who appeared at the recent Liverpool Acoustic Festival at the Unity. Liverpool Live took up residency in Unity 2 and recorded all the gigs there (with the festival happening across the building).

We are going to be working with Liverpool Live TV again on our U Decide programme which runs across election week (I’ve written more about politics and theatre here). Liverpool Live TV will be live streaming the Thursday night performance (Unheard Party), a question time style debate (about art and politics) on Wednesday 29 April as well as capturing various rants, moments and interviews from throughout the week.

But back to the video footage from the Liverpool Acoustic Festival…there’s a brief highlights package here:-

And then a number of complete sets from artists who appeared on the Liverpool Live stage. To kick us off here is the set (complete with uke!) from Paul Straws .

Second up Dave O’Grady with Mersey Wylie

Then comes She Drew the Gun

And finally here’s Richard Batty who brought the stage to a fitting close on Saturday night:-

You can also catch some exclusive preview recordings – here’s one from Ellie Smith

here is Neil Campbell who headlined the Friday night:-

And finally this from Jo Bywater


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