Vote for Music campaign update blog


I’m delighted to be supporting the hub’s online campaign to raise the profile of music issues during the ongoing general election. So far the issues raised have been many and varied, with many voices shouting out for:-

– more support for smaller venues (and record labels) / building an infrastructure for all
– the Agent for Change principle
– increasing funding for music and music education
– make arts and culture statutory LA provision
– more arts in the national curriculum

The hub kicked off #VoteForMusic with support from Music Venue Trust and The Great Escape, but its essentially all about you! The campaign will only take off, really make some noise, if people (like you!) get behind it, vote and ask people in their networks to #VoteForMusic.

#VoteForMusic does what it says on the tin. From Thursday 9 April , right up till the polls close on 7 May, the campaign asks music fans, musicians and other industry professionals – anyone who cares about music – to cast their vote for the single most pressing issue they want the next government (regardless of its political hue) to address. #VoteForMusic is politically neutral – it’s not about attacking or supporting any one party – rather it’s about encouraging political engagement and reminding people that it’s good to have a voice.

Voters can use the #VoteForMusic hashtag to cast their vote via twitter, facebook or Instagram.

the hub will be counting all votes cast, and results of the #VoteForMusic campaign will be announced at The Great Escape in Brighton on 15 May, at a keynote session which will also see Great Escape co-founder Martin Elbourne, Cooking Vinyl’s Martin Goldschmidt, Yellowbrick Music’s Meredith Cork and artist Dan Le Sac each deliver a message to the newly appoint government.

wpid-wp-1428652977256.jpegGreat Escape Director Kat Morris says: “This year The Great Escape is putting the spotlight on great new music from the UK. We know that the music industry contributed £3.8 billion to the UK economy last year, and just looking at the new artists playing the festival this year, we know that the future is looking good too. But we need a framework in place to help assure those future successes, and that’s where government can help. With everything about to change in Westminster and Whitehall, now is the perfect time to reach out to the music community, and to music fans, to find out their priorities and concerns. And that’s why we’re backing #VoteForMusic – it gives fans, musicians and others working in music a chance to have their say”.

I’ll keep the blog updated as the campaign progress!


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