The Ragnarok reviews are coming in…

Photo Mike Kwasniak

Photo Mike Kwasniak

The reviews for Eastern Angles Ragnarok are starting to come in.

Michael Gray’s Theatre Blog calls the show ‘a thrilling triumph of theatricality with a breathtaking finale, where the future is foretold’. Libby Purves on her review site agrees…. ‘it rolls along to a spectacular final doom with flame and shocks’

Exeunt Magazine’s Jack Ford gave the show **** saying

this is an epic experience which makes full use of its small cast and atmospheric setting. The Hush House is a truly unique and exciting performance space with the exhaust tunnel sparingly used to great effect … it’s a very physical production, a rich mythic world evoked through puppetry and a soundscape which also captures something of the building’s history.

And Purves talks of ‘the gleefully site-specific design by Samuel Wyer, and brilliantly ominous soundscapes from Benjamin Hudson’

In Suffolk’s Doug Coombes finds Fiery drama, family entertainment and authentic folklore in Ragnarok. ‘As computer generated visuals come to dominate film-making it was inspiring to see how an audience of mixed ages can still be captivated by more home-spun live theatrical effects when applied with conviction and skill….if this was a cinematic CGI spectacular they’d be planning the sequel already’

And the East Anglian Daily Times Wayne Savage concludes ‘the eight strong cast were excellent …’Ragnarok is visually stunning. The use of the space was inventive, the lighting and sound eerily atmospheric, the fight scenes cleverly choreographed and the puppets amazing’.

Public Reviews gave the show four stars and found it ‘a splendid piece of work’.

In yet another **** review What’s on Stage’s Anne Morley Priestman reflects on how man makes gods in his own image. Back on theatrecat, this paragraph captures the characters of Ragnarok:-

Amid all the roaring uncouthness (Theo Ogundipe a fabulous Thor, Gracy Goldman a foxy provocative Freya) it is fascinating to notice elements echoing Christian or classical myth: significant apples, sexual misconduct, miscegenation, disguises, even an oracle: Sarah Thom in an alarming spidery-raggedy outfit with a rat-skull in her headdress and a lot of booming echo. Antony Gabriel’s Odin is striking, as is Frigga his wife (Fiona Putnam): they’re the only ones allowed a trace of nobility. The rest – apart from the necessarily bland goodie Baldur – roister and fight intemperately, and when the walls of Asgard need mending are stupid enough to hire a disguised enemy who demands the sun and moon as payment (Josh Elwell, particularly adept at suddenly turning into a huge puppet giant). (Libby Purves)

Over on BBC Suffolk Glen Pearce called Ragnarok one of Eastern Angles strongest shows for years….’visually stunning, has great atmosphere and great location!’

 Ipswich 24 finds Ragnarok a spectacular story full of action ‘With special effects galore and some brilliant puppetry Ragnarok is certainly worth the journey to the ex American airbase’ This fabulous production contains everything you would expect from an Eastern Angles piece and more – just brilliant!

Photograph Mike Kwasniak - Loki and the Volcano Photograph Mike Kwasniak – ‘not least because Oliver Hoare’s vigorous Loki looks more like Russell Brand every minute, and it is gratifying to imagine Brand being held over a volcano with a magic eagle pecking his liver…. ( /caption]


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