The buzz on RAGNAROK

Here is just a sample of the social media feedback on Eastern Angles most recent show RAGNAROK, which finished its short run at the The Hush House, Bentwaters on 28th September. You can read the reviews of the show here.

On Eastern Angles facebook site Luke Stokes said:

It’s an incredible show

Nick Lingard added

I dont want to get all gushing but we saw Ragnarok last night and it was just stunning. A fantastic, engrossing story coupled with superb acting, very effective lighting and sound and an absolutely perfect setting in the hush house to produce a jaw dropping spectacle. Too many highlights to list

Jenny Haxell was equally effusive

★★★★★ Ragnarok was brilliant. Great cast, great puppetry,great production,great space. Hadn’t seen the company for about 30 years – irritated now that I’ve missed a lot of brilliant theatre.

Susie Hammond added

Would just like to thank you for the most stunning and exciting performance I have experienced in a long time! – Ragnarok , it was amazing! The Hush House, Rendlesham setting, added to the intensity and atmosphere of the plot,and all aspects, the acting, sound, smoke, puppets and the use of the interesting venue, all combined into a vivid explosion upon the senses! I particularly loved the puppetry, which was as believable as the enormously talented actors. I would thoroughly recommend this fabulous show to everyone.

whilst the Garrods said

Seen it this afternoon, brilliant , best yet in the Hush House. Well done to the whole company.

Wow. Fantastic show. Brilliant acting, atmospheric. Spellbinding. Amazing cast. Fabulous afternoon

See more on facebook about the show here, and here (with a selection of the press pics too).

And heres a selection of tweets from the #EARagnarok twitter feed:-

(to read @journojon twitter review see here)


Tickets and more information on Ragnarok can be found at Eastern Angles web site here. The show runs until 28th September


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