UPstreamlab – some notes, thoughts and scribbles

On Wednesday I joined the #upstreamlab at South Hill Park, what follows are some scribbles and musings which arose from a thought provoking day. The correlation and diagraming of these notes (see the PDFS below) are all mine – and by their nature simplify some of the complex ideas that were discussed. Neither are they scientifically proven – simply a reflection of the discussions and presentations.

Any errors and mis attributions are mine, and the diagrams will miss stuff – I’m very happy to amend and update. The notes also bring in some of the ideas talked about on Sunday’s panel from the Southbank (notes here).

The Diagrams

why digital – after @annettemees (PDF diagram)

Digital is a different but equal experience – or where we are with digital… (PDF diagram)

Online audiences vOnline Audiences or why they are different, need different things to live audiences (PDF diagram)

Then the material that didn’t quite fit into my diagrams
…the random thoughts…

The Internet is the ULTIMATE LIBRARY, and a place that CREATES CONNECTIONS @annettemees

But its huge..easy to get lost and swamped ‘it’s awkward to put boundaries on the internet’ @sarahnellis

Building Communities

It aint easy to build communities for and around your work (esp if you don’t have organisational / brand muscle)

  • Easier to co-opt existing communities
  • Work out where your audiences already live on the net
  • Hang out there
  • Co-opt, entice, cajole – but do it from scratch, do it sensitively
  • (Often traditional marketing strategies from the marketing world don’t work on the internet)


Research and Development in the on-line world

There was much debate , and perhaps not much consensus.  Issues of ownership, sharing before its ready, control.


Much discussion about how digital can help bring an audience into the creative process, bringing in loyalty..

Trail and play (said @martin_franklin here) – allow yourself to learn in steps

Be curious, not scared (said @juliaaatthehub) – same link as above

People are really excited about being part of an experiment…make sure they are part of that story as well as that of the story world

Big ideas, but test in small steps – test elements, refine, discard a lot of your early ideas .  It will be clunky, will be awkward and some audience will ask ‘wheres the play’.

The audience interested in going on the experimental journey are (for Coney at least) different to the audience interested in the finished product.

Towards a new Dramaturgy

These notes are crude and point to a much bigger discussion

The principles of storytelling remain – but digital provides new opportunities, and new ways of telling

Ways that are not linear (transmedia storytelling)

Some dramaturgical elements remain … ultimately is what you are doing any good? Needs structure, quality, certain techniques work and work whatever the form

Give your audience clear pathways (a hastag, single place where they can follow all the content (google plus)

Strong frameworks

Digital dramaturgy includes ‘set pieces’, semi set pieces, things that change but lead to the same point , and dealing with the unexpected

How does a work begin and end? The narrative keeps spreading…

What is the life cycle of a work asked @jon_pratty

Other, the anything else, nuggets and links

Avoid mixing audience learning a new technology at the same time as having the experience

Keep it simple

Don’t underestimate the playful nature of the internet (Fairy Flying School of dream40 was one of the most popular bits of content)

You Tube’s copyrighted music sensor is fierce- streams will be cut.

Streaming tools

U Stream

Live Stream and Live Stream for Producers

Boinx TV


(note to self – Wired over wireless , unless wireless allows you to do something you cannot do wired

Interesting camera developments Black Magic Studio Camera)

Dream 40


SHP Live (where the windswept stream is also still available)



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