Building digital audiences – a debate

I was live tweeting for the hub on Sunday from a Sound of Music panel discussion about ‘Building Digital Audiences’ at the New Music Biennial at London’s the Southbank Centre . Thanks to Hugs Bison you can view the whole debate here:-

But if you haven’t got time for that here is my tweet summary – lets start with a shadowy picture of the panel! The panelists were (from left to right) in the chair @richwhitelaw (Richard Whitelaw) and panellists @supersonicfest (Lisa Meyer) @cluttermusic (Shaun Blezard) @juliaatthehub (Julia Payne) and @martin_franklin.

This blog post was originally written for , and is reposted from, the hub.

The panel was one half of a two part series, and those good folk at Hugs Bison also streamed the first part (on new platforms) which you can view here


2 thoughts on “Building digital audiences – a debate

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