How’s this for a potent creative mix….

Picture from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School Workshop on Ragnarok

Picture from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School Workshop on Ragnarok

First take the rich and dramatic story of the doom of the Norse Gods (with all its tales of giants, gods, family in fighting, shape shifting, magic, love and betrayal)

Second ask Charlie Way the brilliant Welsh based playwright to adapt it for the stage. Give Charlie no restrictions so he can write stage directions like Loki’s feet burn and The eagle approaches the Ox and devours it

Third book an extraordinary and atmospheric venue like the Hush House, on the air base at Bentwaters Park in the heart of Suffolk.

Fourth hunt down some of the most exciting young creatives working today and ask them to take on the challenge of realising the show.

By now your probably getting the idea that we’re all getting very excited about Ragnarok.

The show runs from the 11th September through to 28th September with tickets from £12. Public booking opens on Monday 23rd June and tickets are available here.

About the show


Picture from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School workshop on Ragnarok

Picture from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School workshop on Ragnarok

In ancient mythology the extra ordinary battle of Ragnarok marked the untimely death of the Norse gods , and the subsequent end and rebirth of the world (according to some sources the actual date of Ragnarok was February 22 2014).

Its an epic story – of Gods and Giants, of serpents, wolves and eagles, of magic, trickery and revenge. At its heart though is a story of a family who find itself torn apart by the world  around it. It just so happens those family members are Gods!

I was lucky to see an early workshop on Charlies script, where director Hal Chambers worked with students from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School to develop the performance language for the piece (see the pictures above, there are more images from the workshop in this issuu document here).  Even in the extracts I saw it was clear we are going to be in for a theatrical treat!

‘Brothers will fight and kill each other,sisters’ children will defile kinship. It is harsh in the world,whoredom rife—an axe age, a sword age—shields are riven—a wind age, a wolf age—before the world goes headlong.No man will have mercy on another’ (from Poetic Edda)

About the Creative Team

Ragnarok is being directed by Hal Chambers whose worked with Company of Angles, The Globe, York Theatre Royal, Seabright Productions and Greenwich Theatre.  But it was Hal’s work with his own company Tucked In (with its trademark mix of visual flair, puppets and music) which brought him to Ivan (EA’s artistic director) attention and made him the perfect choice for Ragnarok.

rag samHal has put together an extraordinary team to realise Charlies play.  The show will be designed by Sam Wyer (pictured, in the famous Hush House tunnel).  Sam is both a puppeteer, illustrator and designer and has  recently worked on The Trench (for Les Enfants Terribles) and the Tori Amos musical The Light Princess  at the National

Movement director on the show is Polly Bennett.  Polly is no stranger to ‘epic’ movement challenges – she was Assistant Movement Director to Toby Sedgwick on the London 2012 Opening Ceremony and part of the Mass Movement team on the Closing Ceremony and Paralympic Opening Ceremony and recently returned from working on the Sochi WInter Olympic Ceremonies.  The creative team is completed by the composer Ben Hudson, who is one half of Baconhead.  As a duo they have recently worked on the score and sound design for the iPhone title ‘Half-Inch Heist, and have created bespoke audio for MTV, 4Music, PUMA and  BoxTV.

Quite some team – for quite some story.  You can get tickets here from Monday 23 June.


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