I am Running Stag – the r&d live stream

I’ve spent the week in Bracknell with Windswept Productions and yesterday (Thursday) we partnered with South Hill Park Live and streamed on the web 30 minutes of material from the rehearsal room. You can watch again on the you tube link above (which starts about 4:45 minutes in).

The web stream (which can be viewed above) takes a magazine format and runs as follows:-

00.00 – test card
04.50 – Introduction
05.47 – Murray Lachlan Young reads from Gilbert’s opening prologue to I AM RUNNING STAG
07.08 – Paul Jepson (director) and Murray Lachlan Young (writer) talk about writing for theatre, The Incomers, the story behind I am Running Stag and the process the company use to create the play.
11.50 – the first improvisation (Ben, Zara and Mark)
23.30 – Murray Lachlan Young talks about the characters in A Running Stag and Jason Warren introduces the digital play that runs along side Murray’s play
27:54 – the second improvisation (Stephen, Ben, Zara and Mark)
35:10 – Murray and Paul talk about how the improvisations are used in the writing and the importance of verse to the final play.

Please do let us have your thoughts and comments on the broadcast which was very much an experiment.

If you would like to enter the online (test) world being created by Jason Warren you can find Mills blog here. .

Thursday’s web stream would not have been possible without the expertise and support of Martin, Steve and the South Hill Park Live team.

[please be aware there is occasional use of strong language during the improvisations]


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