Technology Based Innovation – updated with audio from the panels

On Saturday 10 May I was  delighted to be chair a panel at the UK’s leading festival and convention for new music, The Great Escape (@thegreatescape @tgeconvention).  The panel – entititled Technology-based innovation – what do you need to be a disruptor and how do you get it –is part of TGE’s Blueprint strand which focuses exclusively on music, creativity and technology.

Not that I did much talking – I happily left that to the hand picked, expert panel. There’s founder of My Health Pal the digital mavern Mary Keane-Dawson (@marykeanedawson)…[here is Mary talking about why innovators need to be tough]

the funk, punk and delectable rave records playing  Kriss Baird from Music Ally (@krissbaird), [here is Kriss talking about the three must have qualities]

and Creative United’s Sarah Thirtle.  We should have also been joined by  co-counder of Made by Many Tim Malbon (@malbonster) but sadly Tim was unable to join us due to train chaos – but he did send through his notes – here are just three of his extraordinary pages]

tim malbon photo1 ()

tim malbon photo3 (2)

tim malbon photo4 ()

You can listen to the full discussion here:-

The panel was part of a series inspired by the hubs Joining the Dots programme.  The other two panels consider Location Based Technology – where could it take us (Matt Adams, Blast Theroy; Joey Baxter, Eventbox; Jamie Hughes, Songkick; Sam Mason, Steer; Chris T-T, Musician chaired by Jason Phipps (The Guardian))

..[which you can listen to here]

and Fan Engagement – what more can we ask? (Paul Archer, Daredevil projects; Will Grant, twotap digital; Daniel Harris, Kendra; Jim Moray, Musician chaired by Liverpool Philharmonic’s Richard Haswell).

..[which you can listen to here]


You can find more info on my panelists here:-

Tim Malbon (Made by Many)

Tim Malbon is a founder of Made by Many – a digital product innovation and strategy company based in London and New York with clients including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Universal Music, ITV, BBC Microsoft and Skype. Made by Many has a simple mission: to help complex organisations to innovate and take new products to market.

Tim joined the Internet in 1998, made lots of what used to be called “web applications” for big media and financial services clients, and founded Made by Many in 2007. He’s the UK’s ambassador for the Webby Awards, and an advisory board member at Boulder Digital Works in Colorado.

Sarah Thirtle (Creative United)

Sarah Thirtle has worked in the music and creative industries for around 12 years. After cutting her teeth in venue booking and promoting – organising some of the first London shows for artists such as Editors, The Hives and Midlake – she started her own booking and consulting agency, and managed Bright Light Bright Light. Her focus on support for developing new talent continued in her next role of Communications Manager at PRS for Music Foundation. Now at Creative United – an organisation dedicated to helping businesses across the creative and cultural industries to realise their commercial potential by providing innovative finance and marketing solutions – Sarah has recently taken on the brand new role of Head of Business Lending Programmes, tasked with launching their Creative Industry Finance programme across England in September 2014.

Kriss Baird (Music Ally)

With solid foundations of working with technology companies Kriss has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping innovative start-ups realise their products from concept to commercialisation.  As a technology savant for both Music Ally and IC tomorrow, his insights into competitive advantage and strategic marketing have contributed to bringing new digital products to market.  Currently working as a lead specialist for the Technology Strategy Board – the UK’s innovation agency, developing digital frontiers in the Creative Industries, Education, and Sport sectors, he has recently produced a number of funding competitions to kick-start innovation and entrepreneurial partnerships between UK digital start-ups and leading industry stakeholders.  Kriss has previously consulted for organisations such as Live Nation, Sony, Pearson, YouTube and Samsung producing funding competitions a digital innovation partnership projects.  Kriss began working in digital while based in Japan in an strategic role at digital music service, also developing experiential and online campaigns for Tokyo creative agencies SET and Eggworm.

Mary Keane-Dawson (myHealthPal)

Influential and commercial masters qualified management consultant in the digital, social media, mobile, ad:tech, content and performance marketing space. Proven track record of creating dynamic and significant fast growth business utilising innovative technologies and commercial models in the global advertising, media, retail, analytics and data solutions space. NED and Mentor at: Collective, @The Zoo Project, Trade Doubler & Convertr. ex-CEO of Spafax (WPP), EasyEverything & Steak Media (Dentsu).


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