Into digital writing? this post might be for you?

Murray balladeerI have been somewhat remiss in keeping followers of this blog up to date with latest Windswept news.  {If you don’t know who Windswept are – its a theatre company formed by myself, director Paul Jepson and poet and writer Murray Lachlan Young , and back in 2013 we toured Murray’s first play ‘The Incomers’ which provoked quite a lot of response – see here for some of it!

Well now Windswept are embarking on a new journey, with a brand new project inspired by glamping (that’s posh camping if you’re not sure).  You can read more about the play here.  But alongside the play for theatres we are going to develop an online anti-play.  Only we don’t know who is going to write./develop or curate that on-line anti play. That’s why we’ve created an open commission for the role…if you think this could be you have a look here.  But hurray – the deadline is Friday 28th Feb at midnight

For those of you who like that kind of thing – here is the official statement!

Windswept Productions are thrilled to announce they are to start work researching and developing their second production. The project, Glamping, will go through an intensive workshop process between March 2014 and June 2014 and the company plans to tour the finished work in Autumn 2015.

The project consists of two key elements – a new play for theatres written by award winning poet Murray Lachlan Young, and an online ‘anti-play’. Describing his ideas for the play, Murray Lachlan Young said:-

‘My play looks beyond our national relationship with the great outdoors into the surreal landscapes of aspiration, consumerism and our expectations from life and the lengths we go to achieve them. You can expect reincarnation, astral travel and journeys into the Shamanic other world. It’s going to be very British, very dark and very funny’.

Running in parallel to the theatre play Windswept will be running an open commission competition to develop a digital anti-play which will exist purely in the world of the internet. The anti-play will open up all kinds of possibilities for online audiences to engage with Glamping as well as exploring the thrilling world which exists somewhere between the real and the virtual.

The Glamping R&D Project has been made possible by the financial support of Arts Council England, through the National Lottery, and the generous support of our partners The Bike Shed Theatre, Bridport Arts Centre, Dorchester Arts Centre, Exeter Phoenix, North Devon Theatres and South Hill Park Arts Centre.

Paul Jepson, director of The Glamping Project, said:

‘After the success of The Incomers we are delighted that our partners and the Arts Council of England have supported Glamping so generously. I’m really looking forward to being back in the rehearsal room with Murray and the Windswept Team exploring and developing the ideas behind the project.’

Matthew Linley, Windswept Director and Producer added:

‘We’re really excited both by Murray’s new play and by the potential of of its cheeky little cousin, the anti-play. By developing both plays together simultaneously we’re maximizing the opportunity for one to feed into the other. We want our live audience to leave the theatre desperate to engage with the online narrative. We want our online participants to become so engrossed in the digital narrative they seek out the live show. It’s going to be a fascinating journey.’

The R&D begins with a live public performance by Murray Lachlan Young at Exeter Phoenix on Sunday 16th March. Both plays will then go through intensive week long workshops hosted by The Bike Shed Theatre (17-21 March) and South Hill Park, Bracknell (2-6June). Keep up to date with the project at .



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