Joe Wilde and Hannah Silva pick up BBC awards

Huge congratulations to Joseph Wilde and Hannah Silva who picked up the BBC Radio Imison and Tinniswood Radio awards earlier this week (you can read more here).

reading image

Joe Wilde introduces Last of the Pigs reading in Hadleigh

reading image 2

A packed audience listen to the rehearsed reading of Last of the Pigs by Joe Wilde, directed by Nicola Pollard

Joe won The Imison Award for Best Radio Drama Script by a new writer  for The Loving Ballad of Captain Bateman (written with composer Tim Van Eyken).  The play followed the arc of the ancient song but within a contemporary narrative and love story, with music ‘integral, rather than incidental’. Just last week Eastern Angles were working with him on his exciting new script Last of the Pigs – a comic family drama about protest, Tesco and Christmas.  Last of the Pigs has been developed with Hightide as part of Escalator Playwrights.  The Eastern Angles team gave a dry (non-rehearsed) reading of the play in Hadleigh in December. using members of the company’s Bronte cast.  Then in January EA hosted a two day intensive workshop, led by Nicola Pollard (our Assistant Director on Parkway Dreams). The workshop  and ensuing discussions focused on character and objective, before concluding with a sell-out public reading.

There will be an opportunity to hear an extracts of the work of the next cohort Escalator writers – at the Hightide festival on Friday 18th April 12.00 – 13.30.

Colin Teevan and Hannah Silva were awarded the ALCS-sponsored Tinniswood award for Best Radio Drama Script in the shape of their “speedy and sure-footed play” Marathon Tales. Those of you with long memories will remember that Hannah Silva (together with Alexis Kirke) was one of the Phrased and Confused commissionees in 2009 (alongside Kate Tempest and her band Sound of Rum).  You can see extracts from Hannah’s commission 5 minutes in, and Kate’s 6 minutes in (those of you who have seen Brand New Ancients, which you must see if you haven’t, might just recognise the gem of an idea!)

The awards are totally deserved. Joe and Hannah are utterly different in style, but both are fantastic writers and definitely ones to watch.


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