Moving Heaven,Earth and Wood chip to get Dark Earth ready!

What a difference a weekend makes.

Just the bare bones of the #darkearth set were in place by Friday (see here) but after a gruelling weekend for the creative and tech teams the fen within the fen is really starting to emerge. No slackers here… just look what happens to those who don’t pull their weight…..!!!


Throughout Saturday and Sunday the site was a hive of activity. Earth, turf and woodchip was being manhandled around the site, platforms were being tested, lights plotted, costumes altered. Structures were being painted, floors varnished and puppets given life. Literally no stone was left unturned…

If it required crawling around on your hands and knees


Thats what happened. If it took wading around in Dark Earth


Thats what happened.

Hats were being trimmed…(quite fancy one of them, better than my usual flat cap!)


Boots were being stained


And lace cushions prepared


Every bit of minute detail adding up to the atmospheric magic of Dark Earth.  No wonder the shows tag line is `unmissable theatre at Flag Fen`


[photo @vivacityarts]

Dark Earth opens on Thursday 12 September and runs until Sunday 22 September. More details and booking information can be found here. The show is directed by Naomi Jones and designed by Nicky Bunch and is performed by a 34 strong community cast.

Want to read more about Dark Earth?

Naomi Jones blog on Guardian Professional can be read here

Cast member Emma Goldberg’s blog <em>How the Professionals Do It</em> is here

Cast member Jess Woo blogs about the play here

Platform Peterborough Coordinator Keely Mills blogs about Dark Earth here

Writer Forbes Bramble talks about the project here

My blog on the development weekend for <em>Dark Earth</em> is here

Dark Earth has been made possible by the generous support of Vivacity Arts and Leisure, Vivacity Museums and Heritage and Arts Council England.


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