A letter to Calum

Dear Calum

I have no way of getting in touch with you other than via my blog, which given some of the ideas of `I wish I was lonely ` is perhaps a little ironic.

Calum I need to apologise.

At the end of the show after our , er, intimate moment (as instructed) we agreed to meet at 4.45pm (again, as instructed). Not really  a Before Sunrise moment (although we had accidentally met) but a chance to chat about the show and the improv show you were rushing off to. Whatever, we had made a commitment.

Then I broke it by not turning up.

I did mean to, honest. But then my meeting over ran (you know how it is). A text message I`d sent `I’m out of shows until Jammy Voo` was reasonably interpreted as `I’m free till 5.30`. I went into auto pilot….I can text….I can run late…I can rearrange….

Only I couldn’t. As instructed we`d not exchanged mobile numbers, so I left you stranded in the pub, perhaps, on your own.

In the final ironic twist in this tale I saw Kate Tempests Brand New Ancients at the traverse that night, a show I`d thoroughly recommend.

`The Gods are all here/Because the Gods are in us`

Well I reckon my inner God had his final revenge. Somewhere between entering the auditorium and leaving it again I lost that piece of technology which I’ve become `handcuffed` too.! I can almost sense Hannah and Chris smiling as I experience MWS (mobile withdrawal symptoms) .

Someone somewhere knew id broken our commitment!

So I`m left writing you this note in the Hunt and Darton cafe, hopefully, to make amends in a small way! I hope the improv show you saw was good, that the beer you would have had at 445pm in The Royal Oak (Drummond Street) was worth it and that you weren’t left wishing for company too much, or that you didn’t hang around too long (as I write this im hearing echoes of the show I saw after Lonely, Deborah Pearson’s lyrical The Future Show).

Perhaps to conclude that sunrise/sunset parallel we`ll meet again in ten years time at a Forest Fringe event,somewhere. `till then please accept my apology once again and enjoy the rest of your fringe!


(Written after seeing Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe`s I WISH I WAS LONELY and failing to keep my promise to a stranger!)


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