From Hull to London via Harwich….on a bike (via silk knickers country!!!)

Words Fail Me

Words Fail Me

dad on bike

What do you do when you retire? Well here is one answer – cycle from Hull to London via Harwich – all 400 miles of it! Which is exactly what my dad is doing – here he is arriving in Wivenhoe (having been escorted in by the good folk of the Wivenhoe Wilson Close Cycle group).

Is he doing this insane thing for fun I hear you ask (it runs in the family)? Well kind of – but he’s also doing it to raise money to support British Red Cross in their amazing work helping refugees in war torn Syria. He’s abot 50% towards his £1,000 target so if you fancy helping him on his way you can sponsor dad here or pick up your mobile phone and text 70070 with the message FLIN48 £3 (or what ever you fancy donating!).

under starters order As you can imagine the ride so far (which started on Sunday 12th May) has generated some fabulous stories. My favourite so far takes place in a Suffolk library where a very friendly member of staff is assisting Dad find some affordable accommodation for the evening. Having seen Dads face drop when she mentioned the price ranges she quietly took him aside and said ‘you do realise this is silk knickers country sir’.

islington picture

… a little competition ..
Just for fun you understand – but anyone who sponsors him is eligible to free entry in a little fun competition that he’s set up, linked to the bike ride, giving you a chance to win £50 worth of Gift Tokens(being kindly donated by major city centre retailers) as well as some additional mystery consolation prizes being offered by the Red Cross.

All you have to do is tell him:-
(a)The actual mileage cycled over the 13/14 days,
(b)Where en route is there an opportunity to seek a royal sponsor for the ride?
(c)In which County might we think we had arrived in London 10 days early?
(d)Where will we have the opportunity to petition St Botolph under’The Stump’;
and finally as a tie braker:-
(e) come up with an amusing caption for the ‘words fail me’ picture at the top of this blog post!

E mail you’re answers to – the winner will receive tokens to the value of £30 (the winner being the one sent to the entry adjudged to be most accurate and amusing, with 2 runner-up prizes of £10 each). Answers to be in no later than the 7th of June

(by the way) You only have to click on the website to find more than helpful clues to all these questions.


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