Exeter hosts Breakfast Club

So breakfast club moves to Exeter. Given the choice between bijou or quantity we went for quantity….so find ourselves in the Exe Bridge Cafe.


With a view of TK Max and a leisure centre it may not be the most salubrious location in Exeter. In fact at one point we thought the world might end as a souped up car sent volcanic reverberations rumbling through the building.


Inside though the cafe is plesantly spacious. Subtle blinds hide the view and the place buzes with contended chatter (ear wigged into football, poker and research conversations!). Serious stuff!

The blackboard boasts the Exe Bridge special (sometimes known as Noahs Ark) with the tag line ‘if you dare’. Needless to say we’ve ordered two plus a veggie.

They weren’t joking….


the breakfasts are truly huge.  And taste as good as they are big!

Now off to explore!


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