Parkway Dreams day 1


It may have been a foggy morning in Peterborough but there wasn’t an ounce of fog in the new (ish) rehearsal room of our fantastic hosts the @keytheatre, Peterborough.

For the 18th March was the start of the rehearsal process for @Kennethemson new play #parkwaydreams – the play which celebrates the development of Peterborough as a new town.


So to the read through (delayed somewhat by our esteemed [ie wriiten for East Enders] playwrights need to have a fag).

Overseeing the whole thing…appropriately enough – is a giant map of Peterborough.


Having met Peter (and his family) via the birth of John Lewis, the death of John Lennon and the intervention of crackerjack and…er…the clangers we reach lunch.

But not before the dreaded team photo shoot.


We enjoyed it so much we thought we’d better take another one…here we all are outside the key ( with company stage manager the multi talented Penny Griffin taking the shot).


Which was when our leading man deigned to join us. Here he is strutting his stuff….


A riverside location, swans and great theatre could Peterborough be the new Stratford?

Into the afternoon session and its time to knuckle down. First up its Ivan Cutting Eastern Angles artistic director sharing some of the fascinating background behind #parkwaydreams


Then its the turn of our shows designer to present the set box and the visual world in which the piece will play out.


Which leaves us just enough time to start learning the songs. Heres @simonegerton taking the company through ‘it never rains in Queensgate’


With five songs explored and played with the cast were sent home with pages of research – real life stories emerging from the @fortyyearson project.

There is that wonderful sense of today being the start of something very special!

For more info about the Parkway Dreams tour see


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