Breakfast Club 4 The Horse and Groom Wivenhoe

Within minutes of arriving at the Doom and Gloom we’re introduced to the other vegetarian in the bar. Careful we’re warned….it could be contagious.


First challenge – mastering the tricky question of whether its ok to drink beer with breakfast.  We settled on tea. Meanwhile books were being exchanged (the landlord offering help with the big words!) over the bar as the pub cat curled up contentedly in the corner.

For the princely sum of £24 (‘on the button’) we agreed on one all day breakfast,  two big breakfasts with chips and one veggie breakfast which by the time we’d finished ordering had grown to include bubble and squeak.


Huge portions demand your absolute attention.  The amount of bubble and squeak on the veggie  breakfast suggest the pub feel vegetarians generally need fattening up! Four of us hoovered up the offerings -although bar staff did note the half eaten sausage (‘no desert for you then’).

The bespoke vegetarian breakfast was ‘very nice and very filling…with three sausages’. The big breakfast was ‘big and hearty….and er big’. The all day breakfast ‘had a very long sausage’…

And on that note we left…… happier and definitely heavier….


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