Breakfast club no 3 – Emsworth

So breakfast club moves to Emsworth – a place which feels a little scarily like a larger version of Wivenhoe.


It even boasts its own tea towell!


Breakfast was consumed in the gentle surrounding s of the driftwood cafe just down from a bustling square. It’s the kind of place where ‘one takes tea’, all gentle blues and whites and distressed tables between which waitresses dressed in uniform black bustle quietly giving the whole place an air of serene calm and efficiency. It’s the kind of place where Jane Austen wouldn’t feel out of place! Or for some of the clientele to crack open a bottle of red before noon. 

Having come down with a bout of unexplained projectile sneezing I eschewed my normal builders tea for a hot plum,  cinnamon and apple drink


Surprisingly understated its a sweet and pleasant concoction which really hits the
the fluey spot. The elderly couple next door have there’s with a shot of red wine…I’m beginning to think the driftwood cafe must shift a lot of the vin rouge


The breakfast s are clearly made with loving care with all the food coming from local suppliers. The kind of breakfast which doesn’t only fill a hole but also tastes of real food. The sausages are rich and plump, the eggs (poached for me) cooked just right and in a rare case for me I even polished off my tomato and mushroom. 

Lip smackingly good.  As was harbour records just round the corner which realised Once Upon a Time in the West and the Rutland Weekend songbook on vinyl. Oh and this sign in the window!


Next week breakfast club is heading to somewhere nearer to Wivenhoe.  Suggestions welcome!


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