Breakfast club no 2….Ely

And so to Ely…for my cousins wedding in the rather awe inspiring Ely Cathedral



but also an excuse to indulge in a double headed breakfast club.

Now there’s no better way to prepare for a cathedral wedding (naturally I’ve been to lots of these before…so I am something of an expert) than a good old greasy spoon. And rather going against the rather sedate image of the town Ely has one just yards from the cathedral itself.


The street cafe is so popular the fine folk of Ely were quite literally fighting for the Formica topped tables! As for the food … well the next photo rather says it all:


Certainly filled me up ready for a bash at Corinthians 1:13 King James style.


As Sunday morning rolled in I found myself with a wedding head wrapped in the creaky arms of a damp travel lodge. Mind I’d done better than some…protest bro had forgotten he was responsible for his over night bag and was somewhat perplexed to find it hadn’t grown a pair of legs and found its own way to the lodge.

So what do a family group with varying degrees of sleep deprivation, hangovers and clean clothes do? Why of course they go to breakfast!

Our location this time was somewhat more gentrified….


….the lamb hotel…where until the end of Feb it’s two breakfasts for a tenner…cheaper in fact than the street cafe over the road. You start with croissants, fruit, cereal and orange. Then just as you’ve had your fill the main event arrives…


…eggs exactly as you ask for them, omelette,  kippers and two full English were all devoured at a rapid rate of knots.  I certainly seem to have been enjoying myself…


And to cap it all -courtesy of another cousins husband Protest Bro’s bag even made it to the table just in time for a hasty dash to the station.

Next Sat breakfast club moves to Emsworth. ..but it will do well to beat The Lamb.

(ps congratulations to Nicola and Howie in whose honour all breakfasts were consumed heartily! )

Read breakfast club no 1 here


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