Wivenhoe fact and fiction map – please take part! (#wivfaf)

Over the next 24 hours I am planning to create an interactive map of Wivenhoe – a map containing images, videos and stories themed around the idea of Wivenhoe Fact and Fiction.

And I’d love you to be involved.  Do you have a favourite location in Wivenhoe which has a true story attached to it? or what about a location where a fictional / mis truth occured.

So for example I might post a picture of The Dry Dock with the narrative ‘I completed my half mile swimmers badge here in 1985’ or a picture of The station with the narrative ‘serving weary travellers for 150 years’.  You get the idea..(but please be more creative than me!!!)

…throughout the day (Thursday) I’ll be sourcing material from the web via search engines to place on the map

but I really would like to include your stories (fact or fiction), your images and your videos.  There are several simple ways you can take part:-

Via twitter – turn GPS / location enable your tweet – tweet using the hash tag #wivfaf sharing your fact or fiction story.  Better still do it from a location that relates to your fact or fiction (your tweet will appear on the map from the location you send it if the location is switched on).  Feel free to add an image to your tweet.

Via e mail Send me an e mail (linleymatt@googlemail.com) with wivfaf in the title with any material (images, pictures, videos) together with the location (preferably a postcode) appropriate to that image (etc) and I’ll include it.

Or if your material is an image or video that is geotagged (in other words the camera has recorded its location) send it direct to fLICKR (and the map) by e mailing it to wanted8cool@photos.flickr.com  .  Put the title of your picture/video in the header/subject of the e mail and in the body of the text add any narrative about the image that you wish to appear on the map.

I’ll live blog whats happening during the day here on this blog (including updates) – and will post links to the map too when appropriate!

Thank you in advance for taking part!


For a bit more background about this project see here


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