the breakfast club no 1 – Harwich


Despite it’s peerless position on the ha’penny pier The Cafe on the Pier, Harwich is a disappointing start to the breakfast adventure (a new year challenge to have breakfast somewhere different once a weekend)


Things didn’t start well when we ordered one veggie breakfast with scrambled egg. Scrambled egg was a step beyond the possible so the brekkie committee reconvened to reassess its order. we settled on tea and toast.


Only our toast order came second to the young mans text messaging from the night before and consequently was forgotten. Not surprisingly we left it at that and looked for other premises…. .

Luckily tucked away up a side street we came across The Alma Inn (@almainnkeeper) where instead of no we can’t do that the answer seemed to be yes we can.


The decor of the place is extraordinary. A throw back to times past but done so genuinely rather than the more usual mock or kitsch attempts that get everywhere.


In the spirit of breakfast (although by now it’s way past mid day) JP went for Spanish omelette piquillio peppers in a baguette and I went for the alma sausage and onions in a baguette with chips.


Mine washed down with a fine pint of Old Nicks Smock from the Maldon brewery ….which is just as well as the food delivery time is a little on the slow side. But it is well worth the wait…


the food is lovely and really hit the spot…and the slight delay allowed me time to indulge in a second pint… Adnams Southwold this time (whilst the far more sensible JP supped on Earl Grey served in Russian style in a glass).

A real find…

…next week breakfast club moves to Ely!


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