The Blogs that got away I (Tribunal 12, critical feedback and partying with HRH)

Been spending the new year in Scarborough and whilst the others were discovering the delights of The Sea Life centre I found myself in the pub ‘re reading my notebook (the little black book).

The little black book is packed with blogs which never quite made it. Here are just a few extracts from the ‘out takes’;


As part of NNF12 I attended a live screening of the tribunal 12 hearings. In it Europe was put on trial for exposing immigrants and refugees to danger and abuse – infringing the human right to move from persecution to safety.

It never made it much beyond the note stage…and here are some of those jottings..

* immigration is a terrible, painful process.
* immigration is waiting for hope to fade away
* immigration is a life of solitude amongst a sea of humanity.

Later in the writers session:-

‘I am British but I’m seen to belong elsewhere, a ghost, a foreign guest’ Abol Froushan

‘once you move you always find yourself twice removed’

‘since then I have met many others with gardens inside themselves’ Edin Suljic

The image of gardens inside themselves I find particularly striking.


As part of London Sinfonietta’s blue touch programme I attended a session led by Liz Lerman about providing structured feedback on creative works.

CEO Andrew Burke had noted ‘an unhealthy lack of connection between the composer and the audience / performer’ and so brought in Liz to provide a structured, informed and constructive way for audiences to provide feedback. Feedback aimed at making the work better not necessarily about making the person feel better.

Put simply Liz’s four step process was summarised (in my note book at least) as follows:-

*step one: feedback what you found meaningful, what you noticed or saw. Sentences might start ‘it reminded me of this’ ‘I felt like’ etc and nothing is too small to notice.

*step two: invite the artist to ask their questions and be careful to only answer what’s asked!

* step three: naturally follows. time to ask your questions…which need to be neutral and open and which start what or how

*step four: ‘I have an opinion about …… do you want to hear it?

I’ve used it as a technique a number of times since and found it really useful.

Btw my notebook for that evenings blue touch paper gig says ‘look out for half of me….delightful mix of music and puppetry where nothing is sacred’.


I was slightly surprised to come across this paragraph … written whilst on holiday away from both phone and the internet!

‘My head is hard wired into Twitter mode. Even without the means I find myself composing pointless messages of communication which noone in the world need know’

Sometimes I should listen to myself more!!!


In June along with 3500 others I attended the Queens garden party in Sandringham. Here’s an extract from my incomplete blog from the day:-

There’s no quicker way of finding out about a place then asking a taxi driver. On route to Sandringham I mentioned to our cabbie it was 15 years since I’d been to Kings Lynn. Quick as a flash she replied ‘you won’t have missed much then’.

Later in the tea tent I overheard ‘pity they had to allow the folk from Suffolk in – rather brought the tone down’. I think he was joking even so felt it better not to mention that I actually lived in Essex.

Ensuring the tone was kept ‘just so’ was a small clan of gentlemen of a certain age. Conservatively dressed in shades of grey and blue, usually carrying a brolly and with a discreet purple flower in their lapels they shoo’d us round in a quietly clumsy public dance. In best RP they’d urge us back 5 yards or select interviewees for the royals – all done with a wry smile and a twinkle in the eye.

Did leave you wondering what they all did before or indeed where they trained to become gentlemen of a certain age.

For a man who is both colour blind and doesnt have a single fashion sensitive bone in his body you can imagine my partners surprise when i uttered ‘ooh she’s in pastels’ when HRH emerged from her parlour. Must be the latent royalist in me.

Definitely a day with a difference!

More blogs that didn’t make it to come!


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