Short plays, longer plays and even longer fish

I’m scribbling this whilst travelling back from Peterborough where I’ve been with @keelyMillsPbor discussing and plotting performance dates for Kenny Emson’s (@kennethemson) new play for Eastern Angles – Parkway Dreams . Appropriately enough I’m listening to another play by Kenny from Colchester based audio theatre guru’s @frequencyplays. Frequency have recorded two of Kenny’s shorts so far and you can listen to Loyalty Cards here and Soyuz40 here. Both are well worth 12 or so minutes of your time!

Kenny – if this blog post is anything to go by – has an entertaining relationship with short plays:-

‘I love a short play, I enjoy watching them, the meze like quality of a night of shorts, seeing the work of more than one writer, the knowingness that your bladder won’t explode by the time the play reaches its climax – BUT, and it’s a BIG but, I’ve written more short plays than Alan Ayckborne has full lengtheners (and that’s a fucking lot).’

Not that Parkway Dreams is a short play. Far from it! Kenny is squeezing forty years of Peterborough and new town history into one full length evening of theatre. Kenny is using material emerging from the EA / Vivacity archive project Forty Years On – and given that the archive includes nigh on 4000 records and 120+ oral history interviews thats no mean feat.

Parkway Dreams tells the extraordinary back room story of the architects and politicians who transformed the old Fenland city into new town and surrounding ancient villages into modern townships. It’s also the story of families torn apart, the foundation of life-long friendships and the emotional upheaval of moving home….. oh and there are songs too by the enigmatic Simon Egerton with design by Charlie Cridland. It’s going to be fun!!!

Interestingly Kenny is not the only Eastern Angles writer to feature on the prolific Frequency Theatres site (theres a new play every week). Nicola Weronwska is there too with her short play Results (clink on the link to listen). Nicola wrote Peapickers for Eastern Angles and her show Tu I Teraz comes to Colchester Mercury in spring after a London run.

kenny and a big fish

kenny and a big fish

You can find out more about Frequency Theatre here. Tu I Teraz plays Hampstead Theatre over Christmas and tour dates include co-producer Colchester Mercury. Eastern Angles’ Parkway Dreams by Kenny Emson plays across Peterborough 18 April-27 April. It will also visit (amongst others) Lakeside Theatre (university of Essex) Cambridge Junction and the Sir John Mills Theatre, (Ipswich) – more details on the Eastern Angles web site soon.

Now what about the fish I hear you ask? Well Kenny is currently one of the writers on the BBC Writersroom scheme – you can see his latest blog about that which incluudes a pic of kenny with a very large fish (carp I believe) here. And for even more pics of Kenny with large fish just google image search on his name – you wont be disappointed!!! As far as I am aware Nicola has not been photographed with fish of any size.


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