Dial M – tech and dress

from twitter I say ‘oh its act two tech- that’s why there’s a man with boobs in the office’. No – says Patrick – it’s just Tuesday.

So started a perfectly ordinary 27th November. Here’s my blog record of what then unfolded! Tickets for Dial M for Murgatroyd (#dialm) are available here!


We’re an hour into Act 2 tech.

The admin office has been transformed into a makeshift prop store – my desk is now shared with some slightly over sized props!

In fact props are squeezed into every nook and cranny.

Quite literally Miss M (played by Pat Marlowe) has just run in – grabbed a body from beside the photocopier – and run back out again! Meanwhile back in GM world I’ve been running the payroll!

More to follow!!

from twitter quick change happening on the edge of my desk – now!


Actors break so silence in the theatre for now. As I dash through the workshop I snap our designer Richard Evans monkeying around with a costume.

Back to SAGE codes

from twitter Anyone order a giant marrow?? ‘A magnificent 5ft6!’ (via @richardwilliame)


The team have broken for lunch – mid way through teching Act two. I make the inexcusable error of saying how everyone is looking terribly calm. Which is more than can be said for the set box which has seen better days!

Meanwhile the bard himself has dropped in to the box office to assist with last minute sales and preparations! As is fitting for the night before Christmas opens (someone should write a poem about that) he has been suitably decorated….

…..as has our ‘well loved’ pianola which is looking mighty fine in the famous SJM orchestra pit!!!

from twitter Jungle drums ‘ and no I will not get you a whiskey Sir Clive’ tech continues


Post lunch and the tech is quite literally flying!- meanwhile the foh team are waiting the @adnams wine and beer delivery. O and the afore mentioned giant marrow has arrived. Won’t post a pic here but if you want a sneaky pic have a look at @richardwilliame time line.

Meanwhile the exceedingly sharp meat cleaver has been rejected in favour of the machete and the body count has crept up to – well that would be saying!!!

Lunchtime question – discussing which of the carry on films is the best….is there one????

Then they are off again…

from twitter I can hear through the walls the #dialm tech is reaching its denouement – but who did it?.


Tech done – first dress planned for 19.00. Even more props have arrived in the office. I have a bust behind me (draped in a black cloth). To my left there is a cauldron, a mirror (topped off with a very fetching blue wig) and ahead of me a Scotsman who appears to have come to a very bloody end.

from twitter @easternangles: Had our Adnams delivery meaning tip top beer & wine is available at all #DialM Ipswich performances!

The theatre is eerily quiet – just the odd rattle as the stage management team do the set up.


Dress rehearsal is 10 minutes away. There is a step ladder centre stage overseeing last minute discussions about the weight of the meat packet and the positioning of pork saussages. Sam Martin has retreated to the audience seats telling Pat he’ll have to go on in his stead. Some where a hoover is…er hoovering!

There is a curious air of calm about the place! But dont be fooled (I’m warned) the calmer it is the greater the inner turmoil. One of the actors even offers to show me their insides. I politely decline.


The step ladder has been cleared. Sausages are still causing some debate. Our designer reappears with cake…


and we”re into pre set… #dialm dress rehearsal one here we go

three rather unusual characters look on

stand by!


Ahh..now I know why @goodchildbyname sent us this!

Don’t think this fine fettle of a spoonster would have any problems whatsoever with the steep ravine!


First half dress done….as general manager it is now my serious duty to test the freshly arrived Adnams…..


O by the way…..before I forget….you are all invited.


Do come…with or without your marrows!


Mid way through the second half here’s a quick commercial break…

Now back to the village show!


Here at the 43rd Village Show the vegetables are growing as fast as the body count is rising.

over to the inspector to sort things out….


And the piece ends not with a step ladder centre stage but ….

….great Clumpingham has never seen a village fete quite like it!

First preview tomorrow and we open Saturday. It’s a prize winner of a show!!!!

from twitterTech and dress done. Collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. Dress 2 and preview 1 tomorrow. #DialM for monkey business

tickets available from here. For all the latest press and comment on #dialm see here


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