10 reasons why it would be great to see you at Stuart Silver at Colchester Arts on 291112

This evening I tweeted 10 reasons why I think the people of Colchester should flock to see @astuartsilver perform his show ‘You Look Like Ants’ at @colchesterarts on Thursday 29/11/12.

These were the reasons I came up with. You might want to come up with your own.

Reason 1 – he’s very very lovely – and the show is called You Look Like Ants which is unusual
Reason 2 – he was 50% of perrier award winning Noble and Silver which makes him very wise (in my book)

Reason 3 – he’s been in the Mighty Boosh – which I love
Reason 4 – the show features a rabbit, bluegrass ukelele, David Hasselhof and a wonderful sense of stillness
Reason 5 – it just happens to be one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.
Reason 6 – if you’re still not convinced perhaps you’d like to watch the shows trailer..

Stuart Silver – YOU LOOK LIKE ANTS Trailer from stuart silver on Vimeo.

reason 7 – Heres some really nice things critic type people have said – (read them here) they include ‘a surreptitiously seductive experience’ (the Guardian) which is ‘dream like and forensic – hes like some pound-shop Laurie Anderson’ (the Times)
reason 8 – Stuart used to pop up regularly on Colchester United’s loyal fan Steve Lamacq 6 Music show describing unsual and rare words -some of which appear in the show. [Stuart is also no stranger to Colchester having run all kinds of performance and video projects and training courses for young people through Creative Partnerships and BBC Blast – some of which happened at Colchester United but that in itself does not make him fan – of CUFC that is]

reason 9 – only a very unique artist can make videos like this

and if you like that then dont just come and see the show watch these videos too

reason 10 – is really the same as reason 5 – but its so key it’s worth repeating. You should go see the show cos its one of the best shows I’ve seen in years

You can book tickets at here . It’s the perfect show for a venue which is ‘never knowingly understood’.

The End

(You Look Like Ants is on at Colchester Arts Centre on 29 November doors at 7.30pm, show at 8pm. Tickets are £6 (£3.50 concession)


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