Warming up for #DialM

@easternangles Christmas show Dial M for Murgatroyd this year lampoons the wonderful world of Agathe Christie and the county house / drawing room murder (in the office we’ve been warming up with games of cluedo and setting mouse traps round the place).

Of course Miss Marple and Poirot have had their fair share of re-mixing already. Some – like this re mix and homage to Margaret Rutherford – are affectionate:-

Whilst others are – well slightly more playful – like this from the simply brilliant Monty Python

Or this Dead Ringers Matrix style Marple re-mix

Or this star studded affair from Comic Relief

Which of course features the classic theme tune to the Miss Marple BBC series which starred Joan Hickson, the Marple I grew up with. Hickson for many years lived in Wivenhoe – just down the road from Ipswich and with its own St Mary’s and gossiping villagers it could just as well be the village of St Mary Mead. I’m going down this little side alley because our designer for Christmas this year is Richard Evans – also an erstwhile resident of Wivenhoe and ex student of Colchester School of Art and Design. With cellars, steps, aeroplanes, animals and an horticultural show theres quite a lot on his plate at the moment. Follow his progress on @richardwilliame

It’s all bubbling up to be a feast of murderous fun! Cast arrive a week on Monday – show opens on the 28th November…and of course tickets are available here

And finally now for something completely irrelevant and really rather silly….heres a comedy records from Joan Sims. The only connection to this post …. Sims played Miss Murgatroyd in a TV adaptation of ‘A Murder is Announced’. I’m off to get myself a choc ice and cool down….


2 thoughts on “Warming up for #DialM

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