My Edinburgh #8 – Molly and Me

In Tramp Molly and Me sing hauntingly, fragile and beautiful songs of the mundane, the ordinary, the bizarre and the cruel. They sing about the delivery rounds of a sweet shop white van man called Steve, songs about never falling in love again with a man with legs (so he cant run away) and cruel but delicious ballads like I want to kill you.

Dressed in long white robes the pair appear like nuns, or slightly lost angels. Throughout the performance cum gig the pair keep a slight distance from their audience – acknowledging our presence, enticing us into their strange world whilst staying eerily apart. It’s almost as if we are voyeurs in some kind of strange ritual. A ritual which ends in us all parading out the venue in pursuit of ‘lovely chocolate cake’

I’d first come across their stripped back musical landscape in the surroundings of the @huntdarton cafe. Over my meticulously presented baked beans (and in the company of cross dressing action men) the pair had sung – just for me – ‘I want to kill you’.

It was as intense and intimate 3 minutes as you ever could wish for. I was hooked. The regular next to me demanded a song. She chose ‘legs’. At the end – totally dead pan – she said ‘lovely. but I preferred the other one’. The moment was pricelessly absurd.

My Edinburgh Notebook – Ross Sutherland, Louis Durra, Kate Daisy Grant Ben mellor, Curious Directive What I heard about the World / Third Angel and Rash Dash Ugly Sisters


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