my Edinburgh #7 – Rash Dash The Ugly Sisters

It was fitting to come across Rash Dash’s Ugly Sisters in the venue where I first saw the Tiger Lilies and for a while I thought I was in for one of those epiphany moments. In the end it wasn’t quite to be and perhaps The Ugly Sisters was more a kin to the rough and ready energy of Hedwig and the Angry Inch rather than the more surreal cabaret of the Lillies or the precision absurdity of Shockheaded Peter.

Rash Dash use a combination of cabaret and theatre to tell their story backed by a live band (the intriguing and delightfully under played Not Now Bernard). The show cleverly re-imagines the tale of Cinderella told from the point of view of the Ugly Sisters who emerge – not as selfish, spoilt brats but rejected, misguided victims. Rejected first by their mother and subsequently exploited by a ruthless TV company. The story is told ‘with thumping drums, clanging keys and violent voices’ – trouble is at times it feels a little too thumping. Not sure if it was the mix in the venue or just the shows soundscape but several times the words and story get lost to a wall of noise. Still the energy, brashness and sheer vitality of the thing make it a thrilling way to end a day of fringe going.

My Edinburgh Notebook – Ross Sutherland, Louis Durra, Kate Daisy Grant Ben mellor, Curious Directive and What I heard about the World / Third Angel


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