My Edinburgh #6 What I heard about the World

This is why you go and see shows in Edinburgh – for that moment when one picks you up by the scruff of the neck, throws you about a bit , kicks you in the stomach and then laughs at you. Or Is that just me?

Whatever – that is exactly what Third Angel’s collaboration with Mala Voadora has just done with its’what I heard about the world’. It starts as a seemingly gentle series of narratives (a song, a soliloquy on the qualities of light and a fantasy around one’s own funeral). But it leaves you simultaneously screaming for the show to end whilst desperately wanting it to go on. I left feeling as though I’d been on a kind of rollercoaster journey around the world where I’d seen it at its best and at its worst. Intimate tales from the other side of the world contrasted with stories with a potential global impact. I drew parallels to my own experiences and was shocked by other tales which I struggled to comprehend I had no idea throughout what was fact and what was merely fiction (or someone elses perception of the world, or a fiction they wanted others to believe). In the end It hardly mattered.

What I Heard About the World trailer from Third Angel on Vimeo.

At its simplest the piece is a telling of stories – local news stories, family tales, myths, urban legends even. But at its most complex it is an extraordinary meditation on the world we live in. It left me utterly speechless.

(and you can see the whole piece for yourselves here). just do it!

My Edinburgh Notebook – Ross Sutherland, Louis Durra, Kate Daisy Grant Ben mellor and Curious Directive


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