My Edinburgh #5 – Curious Directive

Curious Directive’s ‘After the Rainfall’ was as intricate and as complex as an ants colony – the very same ants colony which forms a central metaphor for the piece as it explores how ideas spread and how fragile our world and life is. The phrase ‘this object is temporarily on loan’ begins to take on multiple meanings within the piece.

The complex narratives which cris cross time and continents are told through clever projections, subtle soundscapes, physical theatre and performance. Visually – at times – the piece was stunning. And though I never quite got under the skin of the principal characters, or in truth mastered the story, the overall effect was utterly beguiling and intriguingly confusing.

[After the Rainfall – like I heart Peterborough and Ross Sutherland Comedian dies in the middle of a joke – was part of the East to Edinburgh programme which encourages and enables artists from the East to take their work to Edinburgh. Applications for the 2013 programme have now opened – details here]

Curious Directive Edinburgh Guardian review here

My Edinburgh Notebook – Ross Sutherland, Louis Durra, Kate Daisy Grant and Ben mellor


3 thoughts on “My Edinburgh #5 – Curious Directive

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