My Edinburgh #3 Kate Daisy Grant (with Nick Pynn)

After the womb like charm of the jazz bar (where I’d seen Louis Durra)inlingua was something of a shock. The kind of venue the fringe throws at you when you least suspect it. Admittedly we arrived in the Edinburgh rain, but we didn’t expect to be buzzed in! After climbing three flights of stairs we’re asked to ‘shhhh’ as there is a silent play going on in the room down the corridor. We enquire about the whereabouts of the bar and get offered a glass of water. So we stand –drip drying silently – in the corridor awaiting admittance.

Not exactly ideal pre gig conditions

I needn’t have worried. Kate Daisy Grant has a big husky voice which is both powerful and delicate. Her songs are like three minute stories ranging from the mythical to the everyday via the personal. It’s a little like a cross between Rufus Wainright and Tori Amos – only with more of a wry smile! Each song is beautifully crafted – just like some of the toys and home made instruments which are packed into the tiny room. The soundworld created by Grant and her partner Nick Pynn is incredibly rich and varied – utilising keyboards, guitars, a violin, bells, music boxes, a toy piano, auto harp, wine glasses and home made theremin. At times – for such a small room – the sound world is a little too much – the material called for more space to breathe and a kinder acoustic. Even so this was a little gem.


For other Edinburgh note book posts see here (Louis Durra) and here (Ross Sutherland).


5 thoughts on “My Edinburgh #3 Kate Daisy Grant (with Nick Pynn)

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