My Edinburgh #4 Ben mellor : Anthro poetry

Even at this early stage (I saw the first ‘off book’ performance of this new show at the free fringe back in August) Ben mellor and Dan Steele’s Anthropoetry was bursting with energy as ideas, words and music fly at you at a rapid rate of knots. This is a genuine collaboration where the pair take you deep into a world where it seems that every word, every note and every beat has beauty, soul and meaning.

Using the body as it’s starting point the show takes us from the head down towards the genitalia but in so doing imagines a world where love is a commodity few can afford and satirizes a world where government would consider introducing a pasty tax (sic) and we read wise words of page three girls in News in Brief.

The show is bursting with ideas – lyrical and musical. It needs a bit of spit and polish – and to find its natural rhythm – but already its funny, thought provoking and clever. An oral feast that I know I’ll be going back too!

[Ben Mellor’s classic The Television will not be Revolutionised – inspired by Gil Scott Heron]

[Ben Mellor’s Faster than a speeding bullet poem]

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4 thoughts on “My Edinburgh #4 Ben mellor : Anthro poetry

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